The Humor That the Human Spirit Generates – Submission by Mark S. Markuly, PhD

The internet is already starting to demonstrate some of the humor that the human spirit generates in times of greatest trial.
Some of my favorite from the stream of messages sent to me today:
  1. “I’ve yet to decide where to spend my spring break. I’m torn between my living room or my bedroom.”
  2. “Today’s Drink Specialty: The ‘Quarantini’ – it’s a regular martini, but you drink it alone in your house.”
  3. “I hope this virus gets cleared up before tick season or else we’ll be having Corona with Lyme!”
  4. “Since everyone has started washing their hands like we’re supposed to, we’ll be working on shapes & colors next week.”
  5. “The truth is, it’s not so boring at home. But it’s interesting how one bag of rice has 7,456 grains and another bag – 7,489.”