A Message to the Church


The Church is not now, nor has it ever been a monolith. Church shows up in various expressions and manifestations of the Universal mystical body of followers of the teachings of Jesus. The current global crisis provides us with an opportunity to see, experience, interrogate, and innovate the many ways of being Church in the world. At its best, the Church is a community bound together by the willingness to journey into the meaning and the mystery of God. We are tasked with assisting people in the work of wholeness., This is true holiness. Beyond the holiness of the elect, [...]

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An Introduction of Hope


I cannot recall a period in my life when every social institution seemed to be facing uncertainty at the same time, considering what we are experiencing at this particular moment in history. The Coronavirus has upended all sense of normalcy here in the Pacific Northwest, across the United States, and throughout the global community. I intuit that people everywhere are struggling to make sense out of the world and more importantly, struggling with how to understand themselves amid the vicissitudes of life. As a constructive theologian with a liberative lens, I am asking the question: Where is God at work [...]

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Prophetic Praxis


The empire known as the United States of America currently has a Commander and Chief who invites a Tuskegee Airman and honors Rush Limbaugh simultaneously at the State of the Union with no sensitivity to how polarizing that is, particularly in Black History Month. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. should discern the optics, which clearly commodify Black bodies while simultaneously extolling the system of white supremacy that continues to marginalize and disinherit those bodies. This divisive and demoralizing behavior is made possible because a support base of religious folk are trafficking in a theo-logic that they look to enshrine [...]

Prophetic Praxis2020-02-05T15:43:28-08:00
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