Prophetic Praxis


The empire known as the United States of America currently has a Commander and Chief who invites a Tuskegee Airman and honors Rush Limbaugh simultaneously at the State of the Union with no sensitivity to how polarizing that is, particularly in Black History Month. The occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. should discern the optics, which clearly commodify Black bodies while simultaneously extolling the system of white supremacy that continues to marginalize and disinherit those bodies. This divisive and demoralizing behavior is made possible because a support base of religious folk are trafficking in a theo-logic that they look to enshrine [...]

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The Gift of a New Year


The opening of a new decade (according to the Gregorian calendar) has seen a full-scale display of the interlocking systems of oppression that terrorize humanity. Fueled by the military-industrial complex, the imperialist white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy has once again shown the world it will stop at nothing to protect its self-interest. The collusion of interlocking systems of domination and oppression has produced an American plutocracy which serves only the special interest of the wealth class and ultimately is headed by a man so engulfed by his own ego that there is a total disregard of anything other than that insatiable and voracious ego. This sociopolitical moment did not arise without the help of organized religion. Theological ideas, [...]

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This Christmas


As we engage the celebration of Christmas this year I wonder what it is we are really celebrating? I lift the celebration of Christmas here not as an act of Christian privileging, rather because there is a way Christmas seems to have been commercialized as a toll of capitalist greed in a way that other socio-religious holidays have escaped. There is no Hanukkah or Kwanzaa media marketing frenzy designed to drive end of the year profits at the expense of prudence and financial responsibility on the part of consumers and justice and human dignity on the part of workers. I [...]

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