Rose Murphy – Student Affiliate Extraordinaire

Rose MurphyRose Murphy is an exceptional person and one of the Student Affiliates at the Center for Religious Wisdom & World Affairs. From the perspective of Generation Z, Rose is energized by the modern-day relevance of many faith traditions. These traditions provide post-modern insights and different perspectives to classical wisdom. This is really true in her work contributing to a new Center resource on Homelessness.

Rose recalls how the Hebrew Scriptures teach us about “Nahala,” which means “heritage” or “inheritance.” That inheritance is meant to be protected. To have your Nahala taken away is a place of vulnerability or even shelterlessness, especially as we are intended to cultivate what is given to us.

The Homelessness Resource will be available to the entire SU community on Canvas, and for use in classrooms. The Center is creating resources as a gift to the whole university! Keep a lookout for these.