On the Front Lines of the Pandemic

Another week is coming to an end and we still find ourselves navigating the crisis of effects that the Coronavirus has introduced to our country and world. As we realize how interconnected we are with one another, we must evaluate our greatest values and find how to put them into action during a time like this if we are to exceed as humanity. Christians are taking up their ethic of neighbor love and finding ways to be of service to the people most affected by this pandemic. Buddhists are making sure to embrace self-care which consists of mind, body, and soul. Jewish leaders are emphasizing the importance of extending kindness and compassion (chesed v’rachamim). As we find our unique ways to participate in the healing of our world, the least that we all could do is send prayers or thoughts of love, light, and positivity to one another. I offer a prayer written by Alden Solovy that names those who are working on the “front lines” as they provide, care, and put themselves at risk of infection so that we might live as comfortably as possible. May they be strengthened, sheltered, and comforted by the God who delivers us from all of our fears. We thank you for all that you are doing.

Jewish Prayer for those On the Front Lines of the Pandemic

On the Front Lines of the Pandemic

Source of mercy,
Watch over the medical professionals –
Doctors, nurses and all health care workers –
On the front lines of the pandemic
As they tend to the sick,
Putting themselves in harm’s way
To care for us.
Protect them from illness.
Shield them from trauma.
Guard them from all harm.
Bless their limbs with strength,
Their eyes with courage,
Their hands with gentleness,
For they are a source of hope and love.
May their deeds
Find favor in heaven
And bring healing on earth.

Rock of love,
Watch over those who are caring for the vulnerable,
The disabled, infirm, chronically-ill and elder populations,
And those who are called upon to serve the public in new ways,
All who cannot protect themselves with self-isolation,
Among them police, fire, ambulance and sanitation,
As well as those providing for our basic needs,
Workers in grocery stores, pharmacies and other essential services,
All who are doing Your work with love,
Putting themselves at additional risk
In service to humankind.

G-d of healing,
Extend your tabernacle of health and peace
To all in need.
Bring a speedy end to this pandemic,
And all disease and suffering,
So that we may know
Your compassion and Your grace.

Let deliverance rise up from heaven,
Let joy and celebration resound
From the four corners of the earth,
And may peace,
At long last,
Reign on earth.

By Alden Solovy