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Contextual Education


About Contextual Education

Definition: an educational approach that intersects both theory and practice, inside and outside the classroom; a style of learning that surfaces deep questions that ultimately lead to action—addressing the real needs in our communities and world.

We’ve reimagined what it looks like to meld classroom learning with practicum and internship learning throughout each degree program. The School of Theology and Ministry’s Contextual Education internship program places students with nonprofit-organizations, hospitals, government agencies, for-profit companies, and places of worship for the purpose of integrating student learning with meaningful work in the greater Seattle community.

How it Works

Students work with Dr. Jeney Park-Hearn for Divinity, Pastoral Studies, and Transformational Leadership to handpick an internship site location that presents the challenges and growth areas they need most.

Meet the Director of Contextual Education

Rev. Rebecca Jeney Park-Hearn, Ph.D.

Rev. Rebecca Jeney Park-Hearn, Ph.D.
Director of Contextual Education