A Prayer of The Saints – Willie Heard IV


Greetings to you all. I pray that this past week was good to you and I wish you and everyone you are connected to love and light in abundance. Now, I would like to invite us to examine the incredible qualities of tenacity, wisdom, strength, and courage as achievable realities. Tenacity is the inability to give up easily and the persistence to meet a goal. Wisdom is a combination of knowledge, experience, and sound judgment. Strength is power, ability, and resilience. Courage is the ability to face the unknown. All have one thing in common. YOU. We lift a prayer of [...]

A Prayer of The Saints – Willie Heard IV2020-04-23T13:04:32-07:00

An Examen for Life During COVID-19


Today, I would like to invite us to participate in a prayerful reflection in the form of an Examen. Examen’s are a useful technique for connecting with God and/or our inner being. They consist of reflective ways to acknowledge God’s presence and our emotions, as well as noting what we are grateful for. The Examen arises from the Jesuit tradition as it was created by St. Ignatius of Loyola. It was popularized more than 400 years ago but proves itself today to be effective for all people. I recommend settling yourself as you begin and getting comfortable. Know that inner [...]

An Examen for Life During COVID-192020-03-30T09:45:00-07:00
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