In Pursuit


According to the Gregorian calendar, we are just about a month shy of a new decade. The state of the world on the brink of this new decade is encouraging and discouraging simultaneously. While we have top government officials denying the reality of global warming, we also live in a time where global communication is easier than it has ever been in the known history of the world. While overt acts of racism are on the rise, the everyday terror of minoritized people is palpable. Multiple justice movements exist, such as #BlackLivesMatter and #MeToo. These and other political movements are [...]

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Theological Education in Review


Education is the pathway to freedom, and theological education is the foundation of any society’s understanding of what it means to be a free human. This is a matter of tremendous significance in this contemporary political moment when freedom of every sort is under direct attack. “To be free” indicates the ability to deal with the realities of one’s situation in order to not to be overcome by those realities. It is the manifestation of the quality of being and living that results not only from an understanding of one’s situation but also from having the wisdom to deal with [...]

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Let’s Talk About Sex


One of the hardest things for people of faith in community to talk about is sex and sexuality. The stigma and taboo of sexualized discourse in the North American church has its roots in the Puritanism of our nation’s theological roots. This tension around sex and sexuality is inextricably linked to our desire to avoid conversations about and simultaneous obsession with genital contact. The pulpit has become the last place in many religious contexts where we expect to hear anything about our sexuality, and the preacher/theologian the last person we hear from on the topic. This is much to the [...]

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