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Radical Good


No theologian of any reputation would dare to tackle the entirety of evil or theodicy and yet we know the first task of theology is to critique the revise the language of the church. This includes not only the language of uttered speech but also the language of radical involvement in the world.[1] To that end, we will engage in looking at moral evil, which manifests as radical suffering as being the result of creating a radical other. By moral evil, we mean that which is the control of human agents verses, that which is the result of nature or [...]

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A Hindu Prayer – Let Us Be United


A Hindu Prayer Let Us Be United Let us be united; Let us speak in harmony; Let our minds apprehend alike. Common be our prayer, Common be the end of our assembly; Common be our resolution; Common be our deliberations. Alike be our feelings; Unified be our hearts; Common be our intentions; Perfect be our unity. - Rig Veda

A Hindu Prayer – Let Us Be United2020-04-08T14:30:14-07:00
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