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Prayers of Our Heart


Greetings everyone. This week we would like to acknowledge the feelings of grief and loss that many of us are experiencing during this time. Grief from the loss of loved ones due to COVID-19. Grief from the loss of loved ones due to police brutality and racism. Grief from first-hand experiences of racism in America. Grief from the constant images of violence, murder, and unrest. You are seen. You are loved. Please take the time for self-care, reflection, and meditation. Do what you need to do to take care of you.   We offer prayers of comfort and love.   Prayers [...]

Prayers of Our Heart2020-06-04T20:08:45-07:00



Whenever imperialist white supremacist capitalist heteropatriarchy is threatened the dominant culture hunts Black bodies. There is something about losing a firm grip on power and privilege that taps into a primal fear that often manifests as rage directed toward marginalized people. The global pandemic known as Covid-19 seems to be threatening the stability of every power structure. Economics, education, politics and government, and every sector of public and private life has been radically destabilized, the impact of which is fear. Fear that supremacy and privilege cannot be sustained, fear that the comfortable may be discomforted, and fear that those who are [...]


Purpose Statement and Prayer of Light – Willie Heard IV


Throughout the past couple of months, the lives of many people have slowed down, allowing time for reflection as well as doubt.  I’ve noticed that some of us are struggling with a sense of purpose and are beginning to doubt our abilities. I want to challenge us to create or review a purpose statement this week so that we might gain clarity as to what we are trying to accomplish with our time on earth. Purpose statements deal with how you want to make an impact in the world and what you will do to achieve that. Your purpose statement can [...]

Purpose Statement and Prayer of Light – Willie Heard IV2020-05-20T14:16:57-07:00
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