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About Us

The School of Theology and Ministry is continuously working to find ways to reinvigorate theological education and equip students to meet the needs of their communities in unique and sustainable ways. Our evolving world calls for risk-taking individuals that lead with the whole community in mind, especially as the community grows and changes. Our degree programs have all been developed to connect academic learning to real-world issues and they each carry the unique stamp of a school committed to social justice and rooted in spirituality.

This active work has resulted in degree programs like the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership, a degree that trains students in mindful and just leadership; the Master of Divinity, helping students develop the capacity to interpret scripture, foster theological reflection, and draw upon theological heritage with pastoral sensitivity; the Master of Arts in Pastoral Studies, encouraging students to discover their gifts and develop them for service; and the Doctor of Ministry degree, equipping students to be mindful agents of change, as influential leaders for good and social justice. These programs draw students of various ages, cultures, life stages, countries and backgrounds, creating a rich and diverse learning environment that benefits all.

The School of Theology and Ministry is a school within a university.

Students engage with professors in small classroom settings yet have all of the support a larger university. From social engagements to scholarships, recreational opportunities to library resources our students have access to everything Seattle University has to offer. Inspired by the University's Jesuit value of educating the whole person, the School of Theology and Ministry does not just focus on academics. Rather, the school invites students into personal and spiritual formation as they discover ways to live out their vocation sustainably. Through practical application in the classroom and contextual education components, students graduate prepared to enter their fields.

The school not only looks to engage its current students but has created a vast network of alumni, friends, and partners. The School of Theology and Ministry looks beyond itself to engage the local and global community to participate in its vision for a more just and humane world. That is why the school works to bring people together through programs like its Religious Initiatives and the Center for Religious Wisdom and World Affairs, collaborating with local, national, and global leaders to spark systemic change. The school continues to foster student, alumni, and community growth by offering professional development curriculum and post-master’s certificates.

With rigorous academic preparation and the development of conscientious leaders, Seattle University’s School of Theology and Ministry has developed a national and international reputation as a forerunner in theological education. We invite you to be a part of this legacy! Inquire about our degrees, refer a student, or participate as a community partner. Let’s work toward a more just, sustainable and compassionate world together.

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