A Prayer of The Saints – Willie Heard IV

Greetings to you all. I pray that this past week was good to you and I wish you and everyone you are connected to love and light in abundance. Now, I would like to invite us to examine the incredible qualities of tenacity, wisdom, strength, and courage as achievable realities. Tenacity is the inability to give up easily and the persistence to meet a goal. Wisdom is a combination of knowledge, experience, and sound judgment. Strength is power, ability, and resilience. Courage is the ability to face the unknown. All have one thing in common. YOU. We lift a prayer of activation of everything you need and desire in this hour so that we may make it through these difficult times stronger and wiser. Enjoy this prayer found on the Vatican News Webpage.


A Prayer of the Saints


In this moment of suffering or Italy and the world
We are alone and far away but more united than before
On the alert against an invisible enemy
Deprived of our precious freedom
But the highest good is LIFE
Our own and that of the weakest
We cannot be saved on our own
We lift up to you, O Mary, our hymn
As did our soldiers in the trenches
Praying for their companions
For their loved ones and for those who cared for them.
Mary, to you we entrust those who
Find themselves on the front lines
Those who have left us
Without having been able to grasp the hand of a dear one
Those who are suffering, are fighting, and are hoping
Grant TENACITY to those who every day are striving to save lives
Grant WISDOM to those who need to make decisions
Grant STRENGTH to those who can help
Grant COURAGE to those who can bring comfort


-Author Unknown