A Blessing Prayer – Submission by Willie Heard IV

Blessed are those who yearn for Truth, For the presence of God follows them.

Blessed are those who are experiencing grief, For God shall welcome them with open arms.

Blessed are those who humbly put their trust in God’s plan, For they shall surely see it come to fruition.

Blessed are those who seek to live upright, For they will not be disappointed.

Blessed are those who forgive, For they shall be forgiven.

Blessed are those who avoid corruption and pursue justice, For their eyes will be opened to the beauty of God.

Blessed are those who manage conflict, for they shall adopt the likeness of God.

Blessed are those who show resilience, For they shall be strengthened.

One of the most frequent petitions in prayer to God is for the release of “blessings.” Blessings grant us everything from protection and health to happiness and wisdom. It is through our trust in God that we believe that God will provide us with everything necessary to sustain us through difficult times and seasons. Today, we lift prayers of strength, gentleness, wonder, compassion, and love, knowing that if we “ask, it shall be given to us.”

A Blessing Prayer

May the God of strength be with us,
holding us in strong and loving hands,
May we be the sacrament of God’s strength
to those whose hands we hold,
May the blessing of strength be with us.

May the God of gentleness be with us,
caressing us with sunlight and rain and wind.
May God’s tenderness shine through us
to warm all who are hurt and lonely.
May the blessing of gentleness be with us.
May the God of wonder be with us,
delighting us with sunrise and sunset, enchanting our
senses, filling our hearts, giving us wide-open eyes
that we may see the splendor in both the humble and majestic.

May we open the eyes and hands and hearts of the blind and deaf and the insensitive.
May the blessing of wonder be with us.
May the God of compassion be with us,
holding us close when we are weary and hurt and alone.
And may we be the warm hands and eyes of compassion
for our sisters and brothers when they reach out to us.
May the blessing of compassion be on us.

May the God of simplicity be with us, opening us to a clear vision of what is real and true,
Leading us deeply into the mystery of childhood.
And may our dealings with others be marked by honesty, which is simplicity.
May the blessing of simplicity be on us.

May the God of joy be with us, thrilling us with God’s nearness,
filling our hearts to fullness, and filling our throats with laughter and song.
May our joy bring life and joy to others.
May the blessing of joy be with us always.
May the God of love be with us.
May our lives be continual, giving and receiving of love with our God,
our friends, and with all whose lives we touch.
May God’s love in us light fires of faith and hope,
and may the fire grow and burn deeply and enflame the earth.
May the blessing of love and friendship be with us always.

– Author Unknown